Pay with your mobile phone within seconds

PugglePay is a mobile payment service that works without registration or apps


Fast Checkout

No setup required. Simply use your phone number to begin your secure payment.


Secure Transaction

We pay the merchant for you, so you never have to share sensitive information.


Easy Payment

Just like with credit cards, you get a summary of your purchase that can easily be paid.


PugglePay + BankID = true

Through BankID we can verify more users on the fly.

We are excited to announce that we have added support for Mobile BankID in Sweden. By adding BankID as an option we have increased the number of users that we can identify on the fly. We have focused on making it easy to use BankID which means that a purchase through PugglePay still only takes takes a few seconds to complete.

Get access to and pay all of your bills through My Account

Through My Account you’ll get access to all of your bills and can pay them all in one click.Read more about My Account here

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