Mobile shopping should be easy


Shouldn’t online
shopping be more swift?

Sometimes online shopping is more trouble than it’s worth. All those passwords, endless menus and annoying ‘Timed out’ messages. It’s enough to make you give up before you’ve bought anything.

PugglePay invoicing makes online shopping swift and secure as it should be. You don’t need bank card readers, credit card numbers or complicated registration processes. You complete the purchase using information you know by heart and you simply press a few buttons. What’s more, you don’t pay anything until you’ve received your purchases.

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PugglePay makes shopping more swift, whatever the platform.


A swift process:

  • Simple identification without registration
  • Responsible credit checks and purchases
  • Delivery and invoice
  • phone-en-1
    At the checkout
  • phone-en-2
    Type in your mobile number
  • phone-en-3
    Send and receive SMS
  • phone-en-4
    Type in the SMS code
  • phone-en-5
    Confirm the payment
  • phone-en-6
    Payment confirmed
  • phone-en-7
    Receive an SMS invoice
  • phone-en-8
    Invoice in your phone

See how swift it is to pay with PugglePay Invoicing click here!

We have listened to what
online shoppers want

More than half of all customers who regularly shop online want simplicity. They want simple identification, fast handling and immediate delivery.

We regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys. These provide us with invaluable information for our development work and allow us to provide the best possible service. Feel free to write to our customer service department and share your views on shopping experiences and payment solutions – we don’t just value your opinion, we’ll act upon it.

Birgitta, 67, Växjö:
– I always pay by invoice because it is swift and safe, especially with PugglePay’s invoice solution at checkout.

Alexander, 23, Lund:
– I’m glad to see that there’s finally a reliable way to pay for goods and services online. I always check whether it is possible to pay by invoice and PugglePay’s solution is the easiest!

Mats, 35, Stockholm:
– I usually choose to pay by invoice because, although you do not always have a credit card or a bank card reader to hand, you always have your phone with you. Even if you are just lying on the couch and relaxing.

See how swift it is to pay with PugglePay Invoicing Click here!